Mary Lalji

“Something about Mary”

Mary Lalji FamilyI am passionate about creating successful students who graduate and have a very positive experience with their education, thereby inspiring them to carry on and become successful members of our community.

Other important areas I hope to address:

  • To provide additional resources for teachers and support staff as they face the challenges of teaching a very diverse and complex group of students.
  • To provide an inclusive education system that meets the needs of all our students and educators, regardless of circumstance.
  • Integrating trades school opportunities with our alternate school programs.
  • Promoting a full educational experience for students that not only includes the classroom but also extra-curricular activities that are accessible to all students. The Hyack Football program has been a tremendous success at providing engagement and a complete educational experience for all involved, at very little financial cost to the school district. Similar models need to be created in other extra-curricular programs within SD40.

In addition to my volunteer activities with SD40 and other groups in the community, my current role as Public Relations Manager at Key West Ford, has also given me the opportunity to connect with the community and given me a comprehensive understanding of how to bring awareness to our most important issues.
Since the Trustee position formally opened up in April, I had been encouraged by a large number of leaders within the school system and community to run for school trustee.

Success comes from many perspectives and voices especially when we have to find creative solutions for challenges we face. The most important thing is we share a common goal: the current students and future students of New Westminster.