Mary Lalji

“Something about Mary”

Mary Lalji Family

Born and raised in BC, I moved to New Westminster 15 years ago. I am proud to be raising my kids in a city where community spirit is so alive. In addition to my volunteer activities with SD40 and other groups in the community, my current role as Public Relations Manager at Key West Ford, has also given me the opportunity to connect with the community and given me a comprehensive understanding of how to bring awareness to our most important issues.

I am passionate about creating successful students who graduate and have a very positive experience with their education, thereby inspiring them to carry on and become successful members of our community.

I would say my father was one of the driving forces behind my running for trustee. Although he passed away a couple of years ago, his belief in always being part of the solution, became a core value for my life.

Dad was very much a part of the education system stating his teaching career in SD43 in 1971.He inspired his students and family to live this value by setting examples every day.

When my husband wanted to build up the Hyacks football program, it quickly became a family affair. My father stepped in to build the Press Box at Mercer Stadium, cabinets for the locker room as well as the boxes the football players use to train on.

There are so many people I would like to thank, starting with my husband Farhan‎ who first encouraged me to get involved with the students of this city through the Hyack football program. Casey Cook really helped guide me through my first experience through the political process. Others include Tej Kainth, Sue Dhaliwal, Sukh Sidhu, Marie Jang, Julie Morales, Anna Kouwenberg, Leona Green, Brent Atkinson, Meranda Thiessen, Ryan Leslie, Nicole Stel, Adam Isfeld, Shammi Ram-Ditta and Paul Fuoco.